06 February 2007

unexpected beauty in the morning

pink and red tulips on the table

This morning,
after I woke
I stumbled into the living room
eager to hear
the coffee maker fizzing.

Instead, I picked up
my camera.

Amal gave me tulips
on Friday.
Sadly, they sat
in the car
until Sunday.
Life interferes with efficiency.

He found them.
And then he extended them
to me,
limp and dragging.
Still, tulips.

We put them in water
not expecting anything.

This morning, they had revived
and opened forth
leaning toward the light.

This made my day.


Shari said...

such beautiful tulips and a great little story too. have a great day!


Shauna said...

Thank you. They are still on their last force of life, even as I write this now.