28 July 2007

noticing, again

red dahlias (with bug)

We planted these red dahlias a few days before the wedding, and they were some of the planted pots lining the aisle we made for our wedding.

I love going out in the afternoon to see how they are doing. And this day, I spotted the little bug enjoying them too.

This has been a time of big events. We have been running. Sure, I have felt the wind move through my hair as I run, and I love the feeling of my muscles working. But still, everything has moved at such a pace.

Write a book in four months! Change the restaurant to gluten-free! Give interviews to the press! Learn how to market a book! Move to a new house! Get married!

I would not change a thing. Most people aren't given this much joy in one year. Every single movement has been enormous joy. (Okay, maybe not packing up the kitchen.) But there has just been too much movement for one year.

I want to slow down. I want to learn how to feel my breath again, instead of the wind in my hair.

This will be my place for noticing. For life beyond food and love and public moments. Yes, you who are reading, you might have come here from that other site. You can comment, if you wish. This isn't my private diary.

But I need a place to write, the little moments, the bug in the dahlias in the backyard moments. And not feel like it has to be any good.

Here it is.