03 February 2007


Elliiott at Gasworks park

I will never able to
just how I love
this little boy.

At nearly four,
everything is worthy
of his attention,
even the place
where the grass
meets the pavement.

Watching him
and listening to
his giggle
fill me with


Shelly said...

This is absolutely beautiful. My "niece" is nearly three and she, too, has that deep attention and wonder of the fine details of the world. It always fills me with great optimism and hope to witness her. I think you capture this feeling, your own response to your very own wonderment factory, with simple beauty.

(As a side note, I hope you don't mind if I added you to my "Daily Reads" list on my own blog.)

Shauna said...


I just adore kids of this age for the attention they give everything. We don't have to lose it. Somehow, we do.

My goodness, how could I mind if you added me to your daily reads? Thank you.