28 February 2007

true love

John and Tita

Thirty years
and they
are still

They chop their own wood.
They eat whole foods.
They live
in a small house
and never grow
tired of each other.

For nearly fifteen years,
they have been my models
of love.

27 February 2007

unexpected sunlight

salt and pepper sunlight

I will take
I can find
in February.

Even through
salt and pepper
at an alehouse
on a Monday

20 February 2007

focus in wandering

the Chef at the Market

We had the afternoon.

All morning,
I had been working.
He had been planning
the menu
for next month.
Everything focused
on goal.

We left the house
and entered
the moment.

A wet
but there

Discovery Park.
we found the tree
under which
we will be married.

We smiled and linked arms.

And then we
to the Market.

We go,
at least
once a week,
but always with
something specific
to buy.

we wandered
where to go next.

I looked up
and saw him
looking intently
not angry
just focused.

I had to take his picture.

18 February 2007


ocelot asleep in the rock

We stood in front
of this ocelot
for almost
ten minutes.

How did he
do this?
Fall asleep
in such
a cramped space?
Allow himself
to trust
this much?

Was this
even a he?

we don't know much.

17 February 2007

sunset over the Santa Catalinas

rainbow over Santa Catalina mountains

The power of the light
drew us all


What words could we say?

At first,
it was just
the gathering clouds
the looming distance
that golden light.

Several moments later
a rainbow.

That is when
I lifted the camera
to my eyes.

16 February 2007

the first flowers of spring

the first flowers of spring

After my walk
around the lake
my eyes
at the sight
of these.

sunlight in petals.

My heart
in me.


I walked three blocks
for my camera
and skipped
on the sidewalk
just to
this moment.

15 February 2007

the redemption of sunlight

bristly cactus

we really do
only live
in one
small corner
of the world.

green trees
rich with rain
grey skies
prickles of cold
against the skin.

blue bumping into clouds
prickles of cactus
attacking my leg
brown ground

something different
is the only redeeming
i need.

10 February 2007

the red scarf with green flecks

red scarf in late afternoon light

Late afternoon

I found
this scarf.
I wish
I could say
I made it.

I gave
ten dollars
to Value Village.

In the gloaming,
it gleamed.

Out of focus
no purpose
I saved it

09 February 2007

green amidst the grey

some green in the grey

Any green
amidst the grey

is a welcome
these days.

08 February 2007

who looks at doorbells

who looks at doorbells

I looked
at this
for the first time.

Just because
I had a camera
in my hands.

I have lived
for nearly
four years.

Pay attention.

07 February 2007

i want it to be spring.

I want it to be spring

This morning
the sky looked warm
out the window.

I put on
my red dress
the one everyone
but he thinks is on
inside out.

And sandals.
Open-toed shoes.
I was ready for the spring.

Halfway through the day,
I stopped home
to find a pair of pants.
Too cold.

(Besides, I had forgotten
to shave my legs.)

They don't go together
that red dress
those Indian pants
but I like them.

It's nearly spring.

It can't be far away.

06 February 2007

unexpected beauty in the morning

pink and red tulips on the table

This morning,
after I woke
I stumbled into the living room
eager to hear
the coffee maker fizzing.

Instead, I picked up
my camera.

Amal gave me tulips
on Friday.
Sadly, they sat
in the car
until Sunday.
Life interferes with efficiency.

He found them.
And then he extended them
to me,
limp and dragging.
Still, tulips.

We put them in water
not expecting anything.

This morning, they had revived
and opened forth
leaning toward the light.

This made my day.

03 February 2007


Elliiott at Gasworks park

I will never able to
just how I love
this little boy.

At nearly four,
everything is worthy
of his attention,
even the place
where the grass
meets the pavement.

Watching him
and listening to
his giggle
fill me with

02 February 2007

stumbling into a cliche, but living it instead.

sunset at Golden Gardens III

Late in the afternoon
after a day of indolence
we wandered
in the car
wherever the light led us.

We parked at Golden Gardens
and opened our jaws
in awe.

Flashes of pink and orange
across the sky
the mountains lavender.

That kite
flying strong against the sky
was a detail
I could not have predicted.

As we walked
in the cold air
taking photographs
and kissing as our feet
missed the solid ground,
in sand,
we laughed.

we had become
the cliche of
a couple in love:
walking on the beach at sunset.